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Going Cosmic is a global astrotourism network for travellers, tour operators and astrotourism service providers.

Since the dawn of civilization humankind has gazed at the stars and marveled at the cosmos and recent times have seen us literally reaching for the stars, with space exploration projects that continue to stretch our limits.

Travel changes

We are changing how, and why, we travel.

Most recently, we have been yearning for far more than the average package holiday. A few decades ago, a few specialist outfits began offering eclipse trips and the astrotourism niche was born. Ever since, several factors within tourism, the astronomical community and the public have influenced its continued growth. A leading travel booking platform has even gone one step further and listed commercial space tourism as one of its top trends of the future.

Going Cosmic is a one-stop global forum for all aspects of astrotourism. Born of a joint passion for travel and astronomy, we provide a range of unique features to help celebrate our world, and others.





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