As humanity navigates its way through the Covid-19 crisis, travel options continue to be regularly revised around the world. We are still going cosmic, only many of us are doing so either from our own back yards or via an astronomy app or online webinar. Planet Earth has been around for a very long time and she will no doubt benefit from this reduction in pesky human activity. The universe has been around for even longer and both will still be there for us to discover and cherish when we fully emerge on the other side of the pandemic. Meanwhile, we at Going Cosmic will continue building our astrotourism community and resource, in anticipation of the many opportunities awaiting us in this awesome travel sector.

The future of travel

While there may be too many unknown variables, at the moment, to say with any certainty how soon we may be able to travel freely again, one day we will. Because we must. Exploring is in our nature and too many destinations and cultures rely on income from tourism for international travel to be curtailed forever. In the interim, the travel industry will need to start adapting, develop new protocols and find safe methods of operation, to get us on the move again.

moving forward

Going Cosmic the Covid-19 way

At Going Cosmic, we’re working hard to compile a comprehensive, global directory featuring all types of astronomy and space destinations. In the long term, once we can all travel safely again, we will also be working with tour operators and travel providers to bring you the latest developments in astrotourism around the world. Our mission is to encourage us to explore and look after our home world, while discovering the marvels of the cosmos.

That will always be the case and, if anything, our current situation only strengthens that message.




View across the Sierra de los Filabres in Spain from the Calar Alto Observatory, Almería, Spain
Green aurora above snowy rolling hills
An isolated barn set against a backdrop of frozen mountains and sparkling stars
A bright blue tent on alpine grassland, against rocky towers and a deep blue starry sky