From the cosy, community feel of Solarsphere in Wales to the awe-inspiring, far-out experience of Canada’s Jasper Dark Sky Festival, there’s a cosmic party somewhere in the world to suit everyone. 

With friends, family or just by yourself, connect with others at an astronomy festival or star party. 

Astronomy Festivals around the world are better than ever. They’re like any other festival…but with the entire universe thrown in! And if you don’t know your comets from your meteors, no problem – there’ll be talks a-plenty from the most enthusiastic expert speakers, endless interactive activities for all the family and, if you’re lucky, some clear skies too. 

The cosmos & good company

Cosmic revelry…..

Our selection of the best astronomy and astronomy-fusion events around the world.

Here at Going Cosmic, we’re all about enjoying the stars above and reconnecting with the natural wonders of the night, while discovering and respecting our home planet.

Combine all that with the laughter, learning, meeting like-minded people and, perhaps, enjoying some music with some good food and drink and there’s your typical astro-festival, right there!

Coming soon, we’ll be sharing the top star parties, dark sky events and astronomy festivals from around the world. Check in again later to discover the best events for some cosmic revelry.